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IV Tester(On Line)

Technical Parameters:

   1.Size:                         2400mm1650mm900mm

   2.Weight:                         600kg

   3.Type:                         Light shoots vertically from the button up.

   4.Power Supply:                 220VAC Single Phase

   5.Max. Power                     1000W

   6.Test Mode:                     Single time flash test

   7.Light Source:                  Long arc pulsed Xenon lamp in accord with IEC60904-9 spectral irradiance distribution requirements.

   8.Life Time of Xenon Lamp:         30000 times

   9.Temperature Measurement:       Infrared Temperature Sensor

   10.Mismatching of Light Spectrum:    ܡ25%    A Class

   11.Irradiation No Uniformity:          ܡ2%     A Class

   12.Irradiation No Stability:            ܡ1% /h   A Class

   13.Light Intensity:                   1000W/m2

   14.Flash Duration:                 5ms

   15.Test Size:                     2000mm 1100mm

   16.Repeat Precision Error:         ܡ0.5%

   17.Max. Test Voltage:             90V

   18.Max. Test Current:             15A

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